“We can’t thank LENKER enough for their tireless investment into the success of our business. They impacted every aspect from branding to cuisine."
– George Kontolios | CEO


Empanada Loca is a restaurant startup located in Brooklyn NY. Given the high number of restaurant and food options in the area, Empanada Loca needed to ensure that their new venture would resonate with consumers and stand out among competitors.


LENKER helped the restaurant design the look and feel of their menu—but more importantly, helped them curate what items were featured on that menu. Through an iterative development process and significant industry research, LENKER was able to provide Empanada Loca with valuable and insightful suggestions to help ensure the new restaurant’s success.


Three years after opening, Empanada Loca is still going strong and has carved a niche for itself in the crowded NYC food scene.


Ep.05 - Inside Expedition 17

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