Eva Medtec
Strategy, Brand, Media, Web, Tech

The introduction of a category-defining medtech brand.


Innovation in need of inspiration.

Eva Medtec had developed an innovative device, but was unsure of how to position it in the marketplace. The company needed a strong partner that could guide its strategic planning, branding, messaging, product launch, and ongoing marketing piloting to effectively fundraise and promote the product.


More than just strategy and marketing planning.

We named the Neuroglide™ and took charge of strategic planning for Eva, building a business plan complete with new financial models. We led branding, messaging, asset development and deployment, including a new ecommerce website and a tech-stack for customer engagement and lead nurturing.


Fundraising successful. Sales secured.

Our efforts helped close a much-needed round of funding and secure many pre-product launch reservations. Eva achieved $100,000 in sales during the initial soft launch period. We also developed strategies to seed the product with influencers, leading to additional growth.

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