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We’re a team of business strategists, award-winning creatives, and effectiveness masterminds that mix growth consulting and marketing services to help guide and grow your business.

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The Lenker Focus Engagement

Our Growth Consulting Services

We partner with businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our Focus Engagement begins with deep discovery and analysis, extracts valuable insights and culminates in a blueprint for sustainable business growth.


We’ll build your marketing roadmap to scale by identifying powerful growth pathways that drive customer demand – making your brand undeniable in its space.


Transform your marketing team with a multi-year plan that builds your team into an acknowledged leader in your organization.


Make your brand a tailwind for all you do. Our brand assessment and strategy map will enable you to more effectively reach customers and improve your employee acquisition and retention efforts.

Our Marketing and Creative Services

Use business insights and strategic recommendations from our Focus Engagement to activate your brand.

No solution is the same – we pair the right person to the right project at the right time.

Activate your brand.

our process

How we get work done.


First we start by bringing the smartest marketing targets into focus for you.


Then we plan, design, build, and launch your marketing machine through a complement of smart business initiatives.


Next we set the marketing machine in motion and pilot all relevant ongoing marketing operations. Then we evaluate, optimize and hit repeat.

What sets us apart

Powered by unique perspectives

At Lenker, we are curious doers from many industries. We are not marketing MBAs or art school grads. We are experts in our own fields who combine forces to drive your brand through a unique perspective.

Tell an unforgettable brand story.

We believe that good ideas are humanity’s most powerful resource.

What people have to say

“LENKER made important contributions to Doolli app design, marketing content, and competitive insights, which helped us move towards our goals."

Charlotte Walker | COO

“LENKER was instrumental in helping guide user experience design at our earliest stages, and their insights were woven into the fabric of our platform."

Todd Crawford | Co-Founder Impact

“LENKER’s ability to understand the investor audience and influence them through great content significantly increased our ability to raise capital."

Kedar Belhe | CEO

“LENKER developed a plan that significantly contributed to Piattelli's ability to multiply sales and expand distribution internationally.”

Dan Haugen | COO

“LENKER’s attention to detail is second to none. They want the best for us and have a special talent for making big things happen.”

Tony Sanneh | CEO The Sanneh Foundation

"LENKER was instrumental in the major overhaul of our brand. They also helped with the behind-the-scenes structure to help us stay organized and track the workflow as it goes from lead to invoice."

Mark Kivisto | President of treeStory

“LENKER did a fantastic job analyzing our needs, then developing a brand and marketing plan that has us on a trajectory for significant growth.”

Chad Anderson | CEO Space Angels

The Company We Keep

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