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Brand building for the #1 space industry recruiter.


Ready to reach for the stars.

As they prepared to launch operations in the U.S. as an innovative staffing solution in the space sector, EVONA sought to build a solid brand foundation. They needed a new website, a new name and brand identity, and messaging assets that would help communicate their uniqueness in a niche space.


Backing up dreams with means.

We facilitated a branding workshop to uncover authentic brand truths and positioning that would help them be memorable and effective in international markets. We developed the name, logo, and tagline (“Never go to space alone”), along with numerous custom brand assets and collateral for use on and off-line, including high-end 3D renders.


From launchpad to liftoff.

We built an attractive brand that mirrored the founders’ depth of knowledge and passion for the space industry. With those building blocks, EVONA’s continued to bolster its ability to attract the best candidates from all sectors and inspire a new generation to work in our new space age.

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