From local vineyard to household name.

brand strategy
execution & campaigns


In need of a breakthrough.

Piattelli Vineyards sought a savvy partner to expand its market share and roll out its wines on an international scale. The brand needed to convey the authenticity and care that goes into every Piattelli vintage in order to break through the marketing “noise” that clouds the alcohol industry.


A partner every step of the way.

We conducted market opportunity analysis, developed a game-changing consumer segmentation model, published an associated white paper, made strategic recommendations, helped launch new product lines, created impactful trade show collateral, and played a key role in managing marketing operations.


The art of getting noticed. 

Piattelli’s sales and distribution numbers grew by 400% within two years, as Piattelli became a nationally known brand. Its wines have received rave reviews from Wine Spectator and other industry authorities, consistently topping lists of best buys within its price tier.

increase in sale and distribution in two years
nationally known
 reviews from Wine Spectator among others

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