Strategy, Brand, Web

Reinventing an innovative biomedical nonprofit.


An opportunity to overhaul.

After the passing of its influential founder, biomedical nonprofit The Alfred Mann Foundation was at an inflection point. It needed a future-oriented, founder-honoring brand that better reflected its deep passion for bringing life-changing solutions to under-served patient populations. Any new identity system would also need to guide future development and cement itself in the public and industry consciousness.


Planning to propel.

We conducted an extensive research engagement and brand workshop, resulting in a new name and various messaging assets for the organization, plus an entirely new visual brand system including a logo, wordmark, and color palette. We designed and built the huMannity website for a September 2023 launch, complete with world-class product photography and technical illustration.


A legacy with new life.

The huMannity brand launch generated unprecedented buzz in the organization’s industry network, bringing them closer to their goal of attracting more high-quality partners, entrepreneurs, inventors, and staff. To carry its message forward in the wider medical device and healthcare community, huMannity partnered with us to develop ongoing content, automation and media campaigns.

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