“LENKER’s analysis helped us face some harsh realities and their recommendations gave us confidence to move in stronger strategic directions."
– Kam Nandwani | CEO


As a manufacturer and distributor of odor elimination products, Airavida was facing declining sales and pressure from large competitors in a highly commoditized and saturated market. There needed to be a major strategic shift if the company was going to continue to grow and thrive. 


The results of LENKER’s market opportunity analysis indicated a need for a new, disruptive product category within the client’s market space. LENKER helped Airavida develop a new brand, new product line, and helped build a supply chain in China to increase its margins. 


Within six months of product launch, every store in New York carries Skunk Doctor: Your "Special" Smoke Odor Remedy.


Ep.05 - Inside Expedition 17

Every year Space Angels ​host​s​ an Expedition, where a limited group of 20 of our most active investor members come together for an inside, first-hand look at the nascent private space industry.

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