LENKER guides marketing initiatives
to successful, enduring outcomes.

Product, Service, or Platform
Analysis and Strategy
Investor Relations
Corporate Communications
Employee Training (Shaping)
Funding (Pitch-Deck)
Employee Relations
Reputation Recovery
Crisis Management & Public Opinion
Mindshare Recovery
MarketShare Recovery
Brand Equity/Goodwill Recovery
PSP Launch/Rollout
Advertising & Promotion
Go-To-Market Strategy
Packaging Design
Supply Chain Development
Product Design & Development
Market Analysis
Brand Launch/Rollout
Awareness Building
Equity (Goodwill) Building
Brand Design & Development
Messaging & Identity
Traffic & Conversion
Web & Mobile Apps
Tech Stack
Business Startup
Market Development
Marketing Diversification
Market Penetration

Our Award-Winning Team Has Driven Over a Billion Dollars of Growth. And we can drive results for your marketing initiatives via three core areas of marketing services:

Strategic Planning

LENKER’s Strategic Planning engagements help you understand your market opportunity like never before. Our innovative market research process combines data and human factors analysis to help you determine how to best position yourself to achieve your overarching business goals, as well as how to tell your story to the world. 

LENKER Marketing Plans give you insight into how to design, develop, and refine the Products, Services, and Platforms (PSPs) that underlie your story in order to ensure that you have the most compelling value proposition in your market.


Your LENKER Marketing Plan tells you what needs to be done in order to become the undeniable solution in your market and the brand your audiences know, trust, and love. LENKER’s Design/Development services will ensure that what needs to be done actually gets done. 

At LENKER we pride ourselves on our ability to turn great ideas into reality, and great companies into market leaders and influencers. We’ll help guide the design and development of the components of your marketing initiative to ensure that you fulfill the promise of your brand identity and vision.

Ongoing Management

While our Strategic Planning and Design/Development engagements allow us to help you build your marketing “ship,” our Ongoing Management engagements allow us to help you “pilot” the ship. This is often done in concert with your internal resources.

We’ve developed the most efficient strategies and techniques that allow us to help you be much more effective in growing your market opportunity than you’d otherwise be able to do with internal resources alone. As a result, you’ll achieve the most consistent growth while keeping your costs well within your marketing budget.

How Our Engagements Work

Once we’ve analyzed your situation and needs, we determine a low, fixed monthly retainer that allows us to successfully deliver everything that’s in scope, within a set timeframe, for around 30% less than you’d pay for services going through traditional agencies.

We’re able to do this because we don’t mark up any of our outside creative production costs. What's more, we only charge 7% on media buys, which is less than half of the industry standard.

This means that we’re not incentivized to waste your money on meaningless activities in order to boost profits—the opposite of which is the standard in the world of marketing and advertising.

Finally, we're so confident in our ability to deliver that our contracts are month-to-month with a 30-day out.


With LENKER you get:

Reliable Analysis and Guidance
World-Class Execution
Positive, Measurable Results
Fixed Monthly Pricing

Regardless of where your business is today, LENKER will guide you to a better tomorrow.