Kevin deLaplante, Ph.D. | Partner & CKO

Kevin is a former academic philosopher of science who has an extensive background helping individuals and companies develop their capacity to think critically, communicate persuasively, and make smart decisions that promote their true goals and values. You can learn more about his academic background here.

At LENKER, Kevin brings his skills as a writer, researcher, analyst and philosopher to help businesses fulfill both their practical and aspirational business goals and make positive impacts on the world.

Kevin's personal aspirational endeavors are extensive as he works at the intersection of critical thinking and personal development. To that end, he actively develops learning resources (video courses, podcasts, ebooks) via a membership site dedicated to helping individuals develop their critical thinking, argumentation and persuasion skills.

In addition to co-hosting the Influence Hacker Podcast, Kevin is also the force behind (the Argument Ninja Podcast, where he explores the challenges of independent critical thinking in the 21st century "post-truth" environment, as well as the value of thinking of critical thinking (especially within this environment) as a kind of martial art.


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