Brian Howe | Partner & CMO

Brian has extensive experience as a senior-level executive with a deep background in digital marketing, measurement and testing, e-commerce, site development and optimization, CRM, database marketing, e-mail marketing,  and online/offline media. His track record for growing e-commerce businesses is among the best in digital.


  • Led the marketing group for - maintained a #1 ranking of the top 10 online retailers in YOY growth (Nielsen) for 6 consecutive years.
  • Led from nowhere to the #4 US online retailer in sales for Holiday 2001 (Comscore).
  • Co-founded two startups, a distributed e-commerce company called 8thBridge and a sports content platform called Thrill On, raising over $20M in funding.
  • Currently helps LENKER clients achieve results.

He witnessed the emergence and proliferation of e-commerce as an industry—and has, time and again, demonstrated his ability to help businesses adapt and thrive as the market evolves.


With LENKER you get:

Reliable Analysis and Guidance
World-Class Execution
Positive, Measurable Results
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Regardless of where your business is today, LENKER will guide you to a better tomorrow.