Space Angels (formerly Space Angels Network) is an private equity company focused exclusively on early-stage commercial space opportunities. It has invested millions of dollars of private capital into the most qualified deals, and is a true value-added investor for its portfolio companies. Although Space Angel's’ profile has been steadily increasing, it needed a new marketing vision and strategy in order to attract a greater number of accredited investors-members, maintain a high-quality deal flow, and cement Space Angels’ reputation as an authority in the realm of private space investing.

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Lenker Consulting helped fine-tune the company’s marketing strategy, refine their core messaging, develop engaging content assets, reimagine their brand identity, design/implement a new world-class website, and manage member acquisition and retention moving forward. As a result of Lenker’s efforts, consumer engagement has risen by 90% and there has been a tangible increase in the pace at which Space Angels is reaching its member acquisition goals.

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