ACHIEVE successful, enduring MARKETING outcomes.


Because our compensation is not tied to the recommendations we make, LENKER can be more objective than traditional marketing firms and ad agencies.

Find the Best Resources

Unlike agencies, LENKER is free to find the best, most cost-effective talent for your needs, because we're not obliged to utilize expensive facilities and extensive salaried staff.

Save Money and Get More Done

Because creative talent is sourced externally, LENKER has a much lower effective blended rate than traditional agencies, which allows your marketing budget to stretch much further.

Solve the Business Problem

While marketing firms and ad agencies view creative output as an end in itself, LENKER focuses on CRM and experience design strategies that achieve your overarching business goals.

Free Marketing Weather Forecast

Answer 12 simple questions and we'll email you a custom, 20-page marketing “weather forecast” now.

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Free Marketing Weather Forecast

These 12 questions are like a personality test for your business. But instead of a personality profile at the end, you'll receive a custom report offering high-level insights about your business's marketing health.

01. What's the primary focus of your business?

02. At which stage of market adoption does your primary product/service offering exist?

03. What's your business’s core competency?

04. What's your business’s current situation?

05. What average clients/customers retention rate?

06. On average, how satisfied are your clients/customers with your existing product/service offerings?

07: How satisfied are you with your current level of revenue and profitability?

08. What’s your current level of optimism for your business’s future?

09. How important do you feel that a smart marketing strategy is to the future success of your business?

10. Within which range does your annual level of gross margin fall (Revenue - Cost of Goods or Services Sold)?

11. What percentage of your operating budget do you spend (or are planning to spend) on marketing?

12. How many employees work for your organization?

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